2018 Maine Bass Tournament Schedule

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Here are the 2018 bass tournaments that were drawn at the permit draw on Dec. 14. Please note that clubs may change the dates as well as new tournaments may be added at a later date. Clubs that drew permits must fill out their tournament applications and finalize your invoice with IFW. If you are a club that drew a permit you can get a copy of tournaments by club by emailing your name and club name.

Team ChampionshipMaine Teams attend the 2017 Toyota Bonus Bucks Bassmaster Team Championship Norfork Lake, Mountain Home, AR December 6 ~ 9, 2017

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A balmy 27 degrees this morning makes us feel right at home, says the Maine team of Hinds / Watson. We're boat 58 and check in at 3:15. Hopefully we have some fish to weigh in so we can cross the stage. You can watch the weigh in live on Thanks for all the well wishes and support. Let's get em!

Finished the tournament in 86th out of 163. We got to cross the stage each day and I missed lunker day 1 by 2 oz. It was very frustrating but an awesome experience. Team Maine gave em hell, Nick Deering and Conner Petropoulos caught a limit each day and placed 49th. Not bad for 2 1/2 days of practice to figure out 22,000 acres of lake. I want to thank everyone for all the support. We tried our best that's for damn sure!

Maine team Deering / Petropoulos says "practice for the BTC is officially over and fishing has been tough but tomorrow is a new day... anything can happen. Going out boat 100. Conner and I are going to put something together... You can watch us weigh in around 4:30.

Been a crazy week down here in Arkansas for the Bassmaster Team Championship. Ended up in 49th place out of 162 teams. Definitely wish we could have finished a little higher up, but we managed a limit both days. Want to thank everyone for all the love and support back home, you guys kept us keepin on.

Nick Deering - Conner Petropoulos - 49th place 10 bass 15-4

Scott Hinds - Aaron Watson - 86th place 3 bass 10-15

Awards, Raffles, Barone at Nation Banquet

Banquet guests

Don BaroneAnother season has come and gone and so has the Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Awards Banquet. It was a great time with a to of awards, good food, good fun, and some great raffle items for men, woman, and children. If you've never been you must attend onei in the future.

Guest speaker Don Barone who states "I'm baaaack...hey Maine dudes/dudettes I'm coming back up there for your annual end of season shindig dinner thing on December 2nd (a Buffalo guy ain't worried about snow) drinks, eating, talking (by me). Once again it's the "db off the cuff tour," no notes, nothing planned, Q&A (if it's off the record, only Q if it ain't), I'm looking forward to it, had a blast last time, going to blast it again this time. Hope to see you then.. Well Don had a great time and becasue it was off the record, we cant say more..thanks Don!

As listed under his Facebook profile he's a "Storyteller with lens and pens about Inside the Outside and those folk in it." Don is also affiliated with B.A.S.S., New England Outdoor Writers Association. He's a 3 Time Emmy Winner, New York Festival World Medal for Investigative Journalism, 3 Cable Ace's, writing/photography awards NEOWA. So as you see Don is quite accomplished and for those of you that have met, know of, or have seen Don speak at our banquet a few years back it's an honor to have him back this year.

Don Barone on Facebook l l l Tackle the Storm

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Maine Bass Club Soft Plastic Lure Weigh In - Pledge to Pitch It

Maine Bass Club Soft Plastic Lure Weigh In contest is over.

Congrats to Eagle Bassmasters who had the most weight, and second place went to Androscoggin Bassmasters.

All clubs collected used soft plastic lures for recycling and weighed them in at the Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Fish Off back on Sept 9-10, 2017 on Long Lake/ Brandy Pond.

Prizes awarded by JACKALL Lures

Protect the Contents of Your Tackle Box We know that sportsmen and women are the watchdogs of our waterways. Still, our ponds, lakes, and rivers are being littered with worn-out soft plastic lures. Commit to stopping litter – including used tackle. When a soft plastic lure is worn or damaged, dispose of it properly. Recycle it or pitch it in a trash can. It’s that simple.

Show the fishing community your dedication to protecting our waterways. >>> Sign the pledge at today!

Lodge finishes 5th at 2017 Academy Sports + Outdoors B.A.S.S. Nation Championship presented by Magellan Outdoors Lake Hartwell, Anderson, South Carolina

Mark LodgeOctober 19 ~ 21, 2017

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5th Place Mark Lodge 31-7 in the boater division.

46th Place John Fisette 2 bass for 5-6 in the co-angler diviision.

The Maine B.A.S.S. Nation got to ask Mark a few questions on his trip to the Nationals here is what he said.

Can you give us a rundown on how day 1 went? "I went out boat 43, and ran down to the dam area which was about 10-12 miles from the take off site. I fished areas that I located during practice that held some fish. The first day was a struggle to get bit. I only got three bites all day. One bite came on an underspin, one on a drop shot, and the last one was a schooling fish on a topwater (lucky craft gun fish)." Did you lose any fish or is there anything you could have done better? "I didn't loose any fish that day, just didn't fish my areas effectively. I wasn't crowded out and had very few people fishing the areas I was targeting.

How did you adjust on Day 2 to move up in the standings? "I ran back to the same starting point as day 1. This time I targeted my fish with a green pumpkin shakey head with a 6" zoom trick worm. This did the trick and I had four good keepers in the first hour which was a relief because of the fog shortened day. I then ran to a similar spot and got my limit and culled twice. This technique was critical in the morning. After the sun came up and around 11 in the morning that bite totally died for me. I had to go chase schooling fish after that. I did upgrade once that afternoon with a schooling fish on an underspin." Did you lose any fish that would have boosted your weight? "Did not loose any fish that day but a big schooler missed my top water that would have really helped."

After a good day 2 did you change anything or did you continue to do what worked the day before? "I did exactly the same thing as day 2. I ran to my spot that had produced the day before and it reloaded with good fish. On my very first cast of the day I hooked a quality spotted bass. That calmed me down a lot. I was able to make two passes through my prime area and get a solid limit. I then ran to that same similar spot as day 2 and culled twice while I was there. All my fish came on that shakey head and trick worm combo on day 3. Again after the sun got overhead the bite died and fish began to chase bait and bust on the shad and herring. I did have a few bites that were missed on this day. I missed a couple on the shakey head and one big schooling fish kept busting my topwater and just never got it. That would have helped for sure if he would have hooked up."

Overall what do you think would have been the best game plan for what you were fishing? "I had finally figured out a winning strategy but it was slightly to late. I executed my game plan on day three but I needed that big bite to make up for my poor day one weight. I believe that if you fished the shakey head first thing in the morning to get a solid limit then go chase the schooling fish to get the bigger bites for the remainder of the day. It was very frustrating because so many schools of fish were breaking and the schooling bite for me was inconsistent. I knew I was around the right fish, but I just needed to figure out how to get them to bite. My two main spots/areas were main river islands that had a sharp channel swing on them. The bank was very steep dropping into about 70-80' of water very quickly. The drop off had some standing timber that held lots of baitfish along with natural rock/gravel mixed with red clay. The front on the islands had long gradual sloping points into the main river. The quality fish tended to school out on the end of these points. I would catch them on the shakey head in depths between 20'-40' on the steep channel break on the island slowly working it down the sharp drops."

How did you feel going into day 3 and knowing you were just a few real good fish away from a Classic birth? "Going into day three I was very relaxed. I knew at that point the only place I could go was up in the standings. I knew I had something that was going to produce but I just knew I needed a big bite to make it happen. I was confident in my plan I just needed to execute it. I wasn't able to get that big bite but I managed a quality limit. Not the outcome I was there for, but a strong finish."

Everyone want a chance to sit in the hot seat, tell us your thoughts as you sat there. "As I sat on stage thinking I could possibly qualify for the classic, I was very nervous cause the tourney leaders were yet to weight in. Being so close to achieving a lofty goal of mine was right there in front of me. I have no regrets other that Day 1 but hindsight is 20/20. Based on the practice I had I knew anything could happen on this lake. On Day 3 I knew something was going on because the camera boat found me on the lake and stayed with me for a long time. I had to refocus on the task at hand. My mind started spinning out about the possibility of making the classic."

You didn't make the Classic but you had a heck of a run to get this far, how do you feel? "Overall, I am very pleased with how I fished/finished but I am somewhat disappointed because I wanted one of those three classic spots. The fire inside is now hotter than ever to get back there and try to make it happen again."

You seem to have a ton of support from what we've seen on social media is there anyone you would like to thank? "I would like to thank the entire Maine Bass Nation, and my friends and family for all the support that was given during the tournament.

Mark finished the tournament in 5th place with 31-7 missing a Classic birth by a little over pound, still a great finish. For those that know Mark they know this wont be his last chance to punch his ticket to the big dance.

Hinds Boater Division Champion

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Sept 9-10, 2017

A quick search of Scott Hinds on Facebook will take you to a black/white cover page of a young man fishing from shore as he looks on as another angler is fishing from a boat. Now we don't know if that boy is Scott or not but we can only imagine what that young man is thinking or dreaming about, we've all been there. A look through Scott's photos will show you just how good an angler Scott that's a lot of big bass in those pics!

Scott HindsSo when 106 anglers compete for a chance to advance to a Bassmaster Regional event and when one of those anglers finish 9 pounds more than the rest of the field everyone else wants to know what they didn’t do right, and what did he do so right? Well here's what we got from Scott.

How did you approach the event? "I heard the fishing was tough but didn't realize just how tough it would be. I decided to fish the conditions which were mostly sunny coming off a full moon. My main pattern was targeting docks with patience and confidence. I tossed a jig and senko. I also found a backup shallow rock pile in practice that produced key fish both days."

"It was 12:00 day 1 I had 4 fish in the livewell for about 8 1/2 pounds when I pulled up to a couple docks. After fishing the 1st one thoroughly with no bites I approached the 2nd dock. After making repeated casts with no bites I decided to make one more flip to the right side of the dock as my camo Skeeter floated past. That's when the 5.59 pounder hit and bolted under the dock. As I tried running to the back of the boat, I stumbled over the driver’s console/windshield and landed on my Lowrance HDS, steering wheel and into the net. I yelled to my Co-Angler Jimmy Lowe, "It's a giant get the net!" He replied, “I can't, you're in it! If any of you know Jimmy you can imagine what that must have sounded like! After fighting the fish while sitting in the driver’s seat, Jimmy calmly got the bass in the net. That's when I went "Ike" as some people call it. Five minutes later I moved out to my backup shallow rock pile and caught a 4+lb largemouth. It was another "Ike" moment of exuberation to say the least." In writing this we can confirm the stumbling from a picture of a painful looking black/blue bruise Scott sent us.

Now for the rest of the field Scott's Day 1 weight of 5 bass for 16.58 would have been plenty to make the team. Hinds never looked back and here's what Scott did on Day 2 to seal the win.

2017 Boater Team Members"I tried a chatterbait on day 2 in some shallow grass when it got cloudy and the wind picked up but didn't get bit then the sun came back out so I went back to my dock pattern, and that's when I caught the 6.43 lunker on day 2 which gave Hinds a 2 day total of 8 bass 27.98 in the Boater Division... Bring on Winyah Bay in South Carolina!

Respectfully Roger LaFlamme finished second in the Boater Division with 9 bass for 19.06.

Recapping the event Hinds says "the key was sticking shallow after the full moon and being patient on each and every dock, telling myself there's one under there looking at it. It took confidence, patience and very accurate casts."

Any special thanks you'd like to share? First I have to thank Corey Vose and his family for inviting me to stay at their camp on Long Lake Labor Day weekend to prefish and again during the tournament. I also learned from Joe Holland to thank all my ex-girlfriends for getting out of the way which allows me to fish every weekend. I couldn't have done it with them. I also have to thank my co anglers, day one Jimmy Lowe and day 2 Herb Macomber for not only netting fish but for putting their rods down and holding the boat in place so I could make an impossible cast. It shows how selfless those two gentlemen are.

Wight Co-Angler Division Champion

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Sept 9-10, 2017

Each morning 53 Co-Anglers loaded their gear into their partners boats on Long Lake/Brandy Pond with the dream to be one of the top ten to make the Maine B.A.S.S. Nation State Team. Catching 3 fish big enough each day may seem like a fairly easy task most of the time, but when the bass on the lake your on for those two days have other plans you're happy to just get a limit.

Jim Wight Co-Angler ChampionJim Wight, the top co-angler out of 53, was the the only angler in his division to get a limit both days.

Partnered with Boater Tyler Burrill on Day 1, Wight says " Saturday the first, and second fish came off a buoy in 8 feet of water. A pattern was now in motion and I caught a couple more duplicating this pattern. I did catch 1 smallie with a spinnerbait off a shallow rock." Wight was able to weigh in 3 bass for 5.67 setting him in 3rd place after Day 1. Co-Angler Shawn Barnes led Day 1 with 6.79 which included the Day 1 big largemouth of 5.73.

Sunday morning came and Wight loaded his gear in Phil Hebert's boat. Taking off 53rd as starter boat is not what you want but you have deal with the cards you were dealt with. When asked how Day 2 went here is what Wight hasd to say.

"Phil Hebert granted me full taxi service with some great humor to boot. We were boat 53, starter boat. Phil asked me where I wanted to start? I told him well the best 52 spots are already taken we might as well go to a bank that was available and I had a few blow ups on during a previous prefishing trip. It paid off big time. Within a few minutes, I had landed two shorts and missed a giant, and Phil also caught a short. This was pretty good action and we began sharing stories. The next thing Phil heard was get the net, "I have a giant on". Phil landed the lunker and said we should make another pass. Yes sir was heard and I was fortunate to land a couple more."

2018 Team Co-Angler members"It was 9am and I had met my personal goal for the tournament. My goal was 6 pounds per day based on how the lake was fishing. I had hit an emotional high and had to sit down and relax to eat lunch and drink some water while watching Phil in action. Wow what a morning, I felt overwhelmed and was ready for weigh-in time. Phil continued to work the bank down for a couple of hours but the bite had quit. We made a run to fish new water with no luck as I struggled not to look at the clock every 30 minutes longing for 3pm weigh-in. Phil asked if there was another place I wanted to visit. So we headed to a cove were I had caught a couple during prefishing. I gave him the dock to work over and turned, and tossed a jig toward a buoy. Yes, another fish on, keeper size but not a cull. I couldn't believe that I was still catching them."

Wight ended Day 2 with 3 bass for 7.22 including his 3.82 smallmouth kicker which gave him the Co-Angler win, 6 bass totalling 12.89 a 4 pound cushing over second place finisher Daniel Delicino who had 4 bass for 8.87.

Wight summed up the weekend in a few words. "The key to the weekend was the morning bite. You needed to be on the fish early before the wind picked up. The water cleared up over the last couple weeks and I believe the pressure on the banks pushed the fish off shore by two full casts. I found fish in the 8 foot zone."

At the weigh-in you could hear me say, It wasn't me, but it was just meant to be. Jim will advance to the Bassmaster Regional next year with 9 other Co-Anglers and 10 Boaters.

2018 Maine State Team

State Team and Fish Off l 2018 Maine State Team


Top ten boaters and 2 alternates advance to the Bassmaster B.A.S.S. Nation Regional at Winyah Bay Georgetown, SC

2018 Maine State Team Boater Members
1. Scott Hinds 27.98 7. Justin Douglas 14.03
2. Roger LaFlamme 19.06 8. Mike King 13.71
3. George Cooper 18.96 9. John Farrand 13.38
4. Keith Aucoin 16.24 10.Marco Morin 12.53
5. Eric Low 15.14 Alt 1. Brenda Mossman 12.28
6. Dave Cousins 14.27 Alt 2. David Reiss 11.48


Top ten co-anglers advance to the Bassmaster B.A.S.S. Nation Regional at Winyah Bay Georgetown, SC

2018 Maine State Team Co-Angler Members
1. Jim Wight 12.89 6. Shaun Avery 7.12
2. Daniel Delicino 8.87 7. Shawn Barnes 6.79
3. Eric Winsor 8.58 8. Chris Bryant 6.58
4. Peter Diaco 8.19 9. Andre Caron 6.49
5. Toby Cross 7.62 10. Marc Charron 6.37

Mark Lodge and John FisettFisette and Lodge Advance to B.A.S.S. Nation Championship

Congratulations to John Fisett and Mark Lodge as the top Maine finishers at the Academy Sports + Outdoors B.A.S.S. Nation Eastern Regional presented by Magellan Upper Chesapeake Bay, North East, MD.

Fisett and Lodge will now advance to the 2017 Academy Sports + Outdoors B.A.S.S. Nation Championship presented by Magellan on South Carolina's Lake Hartwell, Oct. 19-21.

Co-Angler Division - 36th John Fisett 14-12, 53rd Dale Libby 10-15, 95th Trevor Bowden 6-12,

Boater Division: 11th Mark Lodge 40-9, 15th Jonathan Carter 38-2, 27th Chuck Towns 29-15.

Clip-N-CullCal Coast Fishing Preservation Program, Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Discount

Email for discount code. Cal Coast Fishing website

Clip N Cull, this comes with (6) Premium Cull Tags with puncture free clips, colored & numbered EVA foam floats (1) Mesh Carrying Bag. All Material used on the Cull Tags is Rust Free. These have been tested at the recent Damariscotta Lake Open and have proven to be a great product that does not harm the fish or puncture holes in the fish like other culling systems do.

Cal Coast Fishing is a company that specializes in producing practical products for the fishing industry. All of our products have been designed by fishermen for fishermen to deliver simple solutions to problems that we all encounter everyday out on the water. Our goal at Cal Coast Fishing is to provide quality, easy to use products that enhance the fishing experience for anglers of all levels.

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2017 Big Bass Champion Casey Dall 8.39 lbs Lovewell Pond

Casey Dall

ThomasThomas Behen Biddeford High Memorial Fund

Donations in memory of Thomas may be made to the Biddeford High School Bass Team, 20 Maplewood Ave., Biddeford, ME 04005 or the Thomas Behen Memorial Fund

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Harris Team wins China Lake Open AR-15

Harris Team wins China Lake Open AR-15These two AR-15’s were the first place prize for the Maine B.A.S.S. Nations China Lake Fall Classic. Pretty cool!! Special thanks for the crew at A & G Shooting in Fairfield for the great service.

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Plastic Lure and Line Recycle Tube Locations

Androscoggin Bassmasters - Auburn Lake, 3 locations

Bronzeback Mainiacs - Annabessacook Lake. Androscoggin Lake State launch, Wilson Pond, Monmouth, Maranacook Lake (Winthrop and Readfield). Bronzeback Mainiacs plan on making 5 more for other lakes.