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2018 State Fish Off

2018 Sebago Lake Fish Off Packett

Date: September 8-9, 2018

Headquarters: Point Sebago

Launch: Point Sebago

Times: 7am-3pm

Point Sebago Lodging (See Club President or Contact Point Sebago)

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# Boats: 64

# Anglers 128

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2019 Maine B.A.S.S. Nation State Team

2019 Academy Sports + Outdoors B.A.S.S. Nation Eastern Regional presented by Magellan Outdoors Sebago Lake, Point Sebago, Maine - September 11-13, 2019

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2018 Maine B.A.S.S. Nation State Team

2018 Academy Sports + Outdoors B.A.S.S. Nation Eastern Regional presented by Magellan Outdoors Winyah Bay, Georgetown, South Carolina June 20 - 22, 2018

2018 Maine State Team

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Scott Hinds

Hinds Boater Division Champion

Sept. 9-10, 2017

A quick search of Scott Hinds on Facebook will take you to a black/white cover page of a young man fishing from shore as he looks on as another angler is fishing from a boat. Now we don't know if that boy is Scott or not but we can only imagine what that young man is thinking or dreaming about, we've all been there. A look through Scott's photos will show you just how good an angler Scott that's a lot of big bass in those pics!

So when 106 anglers compete for a chance to advance to a Bassmaster Regional event and when one of those anglers finish 9 pounds more than the rest of the field everyone else wants to know what they didn’t do right, and what did he do so right? Well here's what we got from Scott.

How did you approach the event? "I heard the fishing was tough but didn't realize just how tough it would be. I decided to fish the conditions which were mostly sunny coming off a full moon. My main pattern was targeting docks with patience and confidence. I tossed a jig and senko. I also found a backup shallow rock pile in practice that produced key fish both days."

"It was 12:00 day 1 I had 4 fish in the livewell for about 8 1/2 pounds when I pulled up to a couple docks. After fishing the 1st one thoroughly with no bites I approached the 2nd dock. After making repeated casts with no bites I decided to make one more flip to the right side of the dock as my camo Skeeter floated past. That's when the 5.59 pounder hit and bolted under the dock. As I tried running to the back of the boat, I stumbled over the driver’s console/windshield and landed on my Lowrance HDS, steering wheel and into the net. I yelled to my Co-Angler Jimmy Lowe, "It's a giant get the net!" He replied, “I can't, you're in it! If any of you know Jimmy you can imagine what that must have sounded like! After fighting the fish while sitting in the driver’s seat, Jimmy calmly got the bass in the net. That's when I went "Ike" as some people call it. Five minutes later I moved out to my backup shallow rock pile and caught a 4+lb. largemouth. It was another "Ike" moment of exuberation to say the least." In writing this we can confirm the stumbling from a picture of a painful looking black/blue bruise Scott sent us.

Now for the rest of the field Scott's Day 1 weight of 5 bass for 16.58 would have been plenty to make the team. Hinds never looked back and here's what Scott did on Day 2 to seal the win.

"I tried a chatterbait on day 2 in some shallow grass when it got cloudy and the wind picked up but didn't get bit then the sun came back out so I went back to my dock pattern, and that's when I caught the 6.43 lunker on day 2 which gave Hinds a 2 day total of 8 bass 27.98 in the Boater Division... Bring on Winyah Bay in South Carolina!

Respectfully Roger LaFlamme finished second in the Boater Division with 9 bass for 19.06.

Recapping the event Hinds says "the key was sticking shallow after the full moon and being patient on each and every dock, telling myself there's one under there looking at it. It took confidence, patience and very accurate casts."

Any special thanks you'd like to share? First I have to thank Corey Vose and his family for inviting me to stay at their camp on Long Lake Labor Day weekend to pre fish and again during the tournament. I also learned from Joe Holland to thank all my ex-girlfriends for getting out of the way which allows me to fish every weekend. I couldn't have done it with them. I also have to thank my co anglers, day one Jimmy Lowe and day 2 Herb Macomber for not only netting fish but for putting their rods down and holding the boat in place so I could make an impossible cast. It shows how selfless those two gentlemen are.

Each morning 53 Co-Anglers loaded their gear into their partners boats on Long Lake/Brandy Pond with the dream to be one of the top ten to make the Maine B.A.S.S. Nation State Team. Catching 3 fish big enough each day may seem like a fairly easy task most of the time, but when the bass on the lake your on for those two days have other plans you're happy to just get a limit.

Jim Wight

Wight Co-Angler Division Champion

Sept. 9-10, 2017

Jim Wight, the top co-angler out of 53, was the the only angler in his division to get a limit both days.

My partner was Boater Tyler Burrill on Day 1, Wight says " Saturday the first, and second fish came off a buoy in 8 feet of water. A pattern was now in motion and I caught a couple more duplicating this pattern. I did catch 1 smallie with a spinnerbait off a shallow rock." Wight was able to weigh in 3 bass for 5.67 setting him in 3rd place after Day 1. Co-Angler Shawn Barnes led Day 1 with 6.79 which included the Day 1 big largemouth of 5.73.

Sunday morning came and Wight loaded his gear in Phil Hebert's boat. Taking off 53rd as starter boat is not what you want but you have deal with the cards you were dealt with. When asked how Day 2 went here is what Wight had to say.

"Phil Hebert granted me full taxi service with some great humor to boot. We were boat 53, starter boat. Phil asked me where I wanted to start? I told him well the best 52 spots are already taken we might as well go to a bank that was available and I had a few blow ups on during a previous pre fishing trip. It paid off big time. Within a few minutes, I had landed two shorts and missed a giant, and Phil also caught a short. This was pretty good action and we began sharing stories. The next thing Phil heard was get the net, "I have a giant on". Phil landed the lunker and said we should make another pass. Yes sir was heard and I was fortunate to land a couple more."

"It was 9am and I had met my personal goal for the tournament. My goal was 6 pounds per day based on how the lake was fishing. I had hit an emotional high and had to sit down and relax to eat lunch and drink some water while watching Phil in action. Wow what a morning, I felt overwhelmed and was ready for weigh-in time. Phil continued to work the bank down for a couple of hours but the bite had quit. We made a run to fish new water with no luck as I struggled not to look at the clock every 30 minutes longing for 3pm weigh-in. Phil asked if there was another place I wanted to visit. So we headed to a cove were I had caught a couple during pre fishing. I gave him the dock to work over and turned, and tossed a jig toward a buoy. Yes, another fish on, keeper size but not a cull. I couldn't believe that I was still catching them."

Wight ended Day 2 with 3 bass for 7.22 including his 3.82 smallmouth kicker which gave him the Co-Angler win, 6 bass totalling 12.89 a 4 pound cushing over second place finisher Daniel Delicino who had 4 bass for 8.87.

Wight summed up the weekend in a few words. "The key to the weekend was the morning bite. You needed to be on the fish early before the wind picked up. The water cleared up over the last couple weeks and I believe the pressure on the banks pushed the fish off shore by two full casts. I found fish in the 8 foot zone."

At the weigh-in you could hear me say, It wasn't me, but it was just meant to be. Jim will advance to the Bassmaster Regional next year with 9 other Co-Anglers and 10 Boaters.