Youth Director's Report

Dave Trask, Youth Director Maine B.A.S.S. Nation

I have been again assigned/volunteered the honor of serving the Maine B.A.S.S. Nation in the capacity of the state youth director for 2017.

I didn’t get any new projects started last year but did acclimate myself with the job and most of the requirements, and hope to get even more accomplished and more clubs involved in 2017. I don’t have any specific plans right now as I am still feeling my way around with the new assignment but I do still have a couple goals in mind to share with our member clubs.

First I am hopeful to involve each individual club with a youth project of some kind for 2017. A youth project ideally would include helping to sponsor and coordinate a youth/high school, club/team in your respective areas. I know that isn’t practical for many clubs especially those with limited participation already, but I am confident that most clubs are at least familiar with a club that does that now and have members who could help them out. My idea of ‘helping them out’ would normally involve taking someone out fishing which is something we can all relate to and find some time for. The more we can all help out with worthwhile projects like these, the more young anglers are encouraged to participate and the more secure the future of our sport becomes.

Thanks again for continuing to trust me with this responsibility. I pledge to give it my best effort and will look forward to working with individual clubs with your projects too.

Anyone with interesting new ideas or information on how to get more kids out fishing please reach out and contact me and share!