Steven Wilson

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Steven Wilson

Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Member (Years): 31

Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Club: Eagle Bassmasters

Years of Tournament Experience: 35

Member of these Maine State Teams (Years): 12

Favorite Body of Water: Sebec Lake

Largest Largemouth: 8.14

Largest Smallmouth: 6.7

Favorite Lure/Technique: Jig n Pig along the shoreline

Boat/Motor: Triton / Mercury

Sponsors: My family, they go without so I can go!

Your personal and fishing accomplishments: Representing the Maine B.A.S.S. Nation as their President now for my 12th year. President of Eagle Bassmasters since 2008, the top Nation club in Maine for six of the past seven years. Husband and father of three great sons, two incredible daughter in laws, another maybe soon to be, three awesome grandsons and three beautiful granddaughters. This is a full time job and one that I love.

Best Fishing Story: True story, I in a moment of bravado suggested my number two grandson, Gage, go fishing with me and he agreed that it may be fun. Now remember he was only four years old and I had never even been alone with my own sons at that age for more than a few minutes. Bravado was gone I was in trouble. The next day we set out to a small pond nearby, Gage and I. I have for years worked with Camp Sunshine so I started tending to his casting needs and was quickly informed that he was quite capable of doing this himself. To my surprise he was right as he cast and caught a fish on his very first attempt. After another 4-5 casts I suggested I go to the front of the boat and fish myself. For the next five hours we each caught over 30 bass with me only netting his catch occasionally. We ate lunch, he drove the boat around, and we had a great day. I left out the laughter, the taunting, the talking smack , etc., that took place but just know that I had a great time, who knew. Point is take a kid fishing, he is not the only one that will walk away with good memories. PS: watch out for Gage Wilson as I expect he will be back on the water competing this year a time or two. This is still the best fishing story I have and I am guessing it will be very hard to beat!

Last Updated February 11, 2018