Daniel Rogers

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Daniel Rogers

Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Member (Years): 6 years

Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Club: Mainely Bass

Years of Tournament Experience: 6 years

Member of these Maine State Teams (Years): 2014, 201

Favorite Body of Water: Little Sebago

Largest Largemouth: 6+

Largest Smallmouth: 4.75

Favorite Lure/Technique: Flukes

Boat/Motor: Old Town predator MX kayak

Sponsors: Family

Your personal and fishing accomplishments: Coming in second place by myself in the 2013 Maine B.A.S.S. Nation High School Championship and Coming in first place in the 2014 Maine B.A.S.S. Nation High School Championship.

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Last Updated December 1, 2017