Clayton Grimm

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Clayton Grimm

Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Member (Years): 13

Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Club: Maine Country Bassmasters

Years of Tournament Experience: 11

Member of these Maine State Teams (Years): 2012

Favorite Body of Water: Sebago Lake

Largest Largemouth: 7-2

Largest Smallmouth: 4-7

Favorite Lure/Technique: Tubes and Drop Shot

Boat/Motor: Skeeter 20I / Yamaha 250 HPDI Series 2

Sponsors: Denali Rods, Flying Fisherman Sunglasses, Bass Fury, Go2 Baits

Your personal and fishing accomplishments: President Maine Bass Challenge The Maine Bass Challenge was formed to give bass anglers who enjoy competitively fishing in Maine an organization dedicated to them. The Maine Bass Challenge is a family oriented, competition based team trail which invites anglers of all skill levels. If you are new to tournament angling this trail will benefit your need to learn and enjoy our sport. If you have been tournament fishing for sometime this trail will satisfy your need to compete and provide you an opportunity to test your skills. If you are an accomplish angler who has fished at the highest levels, this format will give you a chance to bring a new angler to the water and grow our sport. This organization is based on sportsmanship and friendly competition.

Last Updated December 1, 2017