Jonathan Carter

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Jonathan Carter

2013 Bassmaster Classic Qualifier!

Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Member (Years): 16

Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Club: Eagle Bassmasters

Years of Tournament Experience: 17

Member of these Maine State Teams (Years): 4

Favorite Body of Water: China Lake

Largest Largemouth: 8.03

Largest Smallmouth: 5.02

Favorite Lure/Technique: Jig

Boat/Motor: Basscat Pantera IV Mercury outboard

Sponsors: Fits Insurance, Twin City Tire, Gambler Lures

Your personal and fishing accomplishments: 2013 Bassmaster Classic Qualifier 2012 B.A.S.S. Eastern Divisional winner 2016 State champion

Best Fishing Story: It has to be the first day weigh in of the Bassmaster Classic. I was blessed with a good day on the water and pulling two big fish out of the livewell to show a cheering crowd was amazing. It's something I had always dreamed of doing...and still dream of doing again.

2013 Bassmaster Classic Qualifier!

(Day 1) 7th place 5 bass 18-11, (Day 2) 7th place 5 bass 11-1, (Day 3) 3 bass 6-14

Classic Finish - 17th place 13 bass 36-10 (See Bassmaster Classic Photo)

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