Rusty Buss

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Rusty Buss

Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Member (Years): 10

Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Club: Lip Rippers

Years of Tournament Experience: 30

Member of these Maine State Teams (Years): 2008

Favorite Body of Water: Great Pond

Largest Largemouth: 12-0 Florida

Largest Smallmouth: 5-0

Favorite Lure/Technique: Topwater

Boat/Motor: Bullet l Mercury


Your personal and fishing accomplishments:

Best Fishing Story: Talk about a bad day fishing. I was on a small lake in Florida just having a lazy day as you might say. I was using a top water plug when all of a sudden a fish exploded, I was not paying too much attention at the time, so I was caught off guard and when I realized the fish was there I set the hook but good. To my utter surprise I missed the fish, but managed to get both my legs caught one in each calf. OUCH! I was alone in the boat, and had to find a way to get to my pliers to remove the hooks, I couldn't walk very well. I did manage to get free and that was the end of fishing for that day.

Last Updated December 1, 2017